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Just Me

Aloha, my name is Kristan and I founded SoulReal Yoga as a way to help you awaken to your true sense of self.

I believe that every human has an inner guidance system born within them. This system can manifest in diverse ways. Knowing how it manifests in you is the pathway to living more truthfully.

As I grow, I am shown different ways to listen to my inner guidance system:

I was raised by a mother who taught me the importance of nutrition and the power that our bodies contain to heal themselves.

Throughout my life, religion has shown me how I can take part in a community of efforts to do what is best for the whole.

The time I give to studying and practicing Ashtanga Yoga taught me how to live in my body rather than my head.

My efforts in university led me to a degree in Peacebuilding (Conflict Transformation) & Exercise Science, which has given me a strong sense of self-awareness.

Because of all these experiences,

I am here,

I am now.